A glorious unboxing experience

Published 11 December 2014
Mauboussin Pour Lui perfumes, by Lorience Paris in Europe, is growing with two new flanker scents that are variations of the original fragrance. Both come in customised bottles and boxes and offer the glorious unboxing experience that has become the signature of Mauboussin perfumes.

The boxes for the new scents, Mauboussin Pour Lui “In Black” and “Time Out”, are made from Stora Enso’s Ensocoat 2S board, which enables symmetric, superb printing and finishing results on both sides of the board. When opening the box, the bottle and the brand are mirrored on the silver-coloured inner surface of the box. The effect is achieved by applying a metallised polyester film on the board.

The new Mauboussin Pour Lui flankers will be on display at Stora Enso’s stand AB20 at PCD Paris show 4–5 February 2015. Lorience Paris will be presenting them at TFWE Singapore and IAA DFS Orlando in 2015.

Variations for different markets

“Mauboussin Pour Lui In Black is an intense scent full of masculine power for those who live their lives to the fullest. The box it comes in is the blackest of black, like a big, black car full of hidden force. Both the bottle and the box play with matte and gloss,” says Thierry Faucon, Creative Director at Lorience Paris. Achieving such a solid black surface takes demanding print work, and the special effects require perfect smoothness.

In Black is targeted to European and US markets, while the lighter fragrance Time Out is intended particularly for Asia. For the latter, Mr Faucon’s source of inspiration was a lagoon, providing a cool and energizing getaway from the hectic pace of daily life. Together with the original Mauboussin Pour Lui, the new scents and their stylish boxes create a strong shelf presence, attracting buyers effectively.

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