Retail goes online - packaging is being transformed

Published 8 December 2014
Retail goes online. That is definitely a trend both for groceries and the rest of the retail sector. In the UK, where 20 percent of total grocery sales are estimated to take place online within 10 years, is leading the way in Europe.

The shift of retail to online channels is one of the five main trends within retail packaging identified in the most recent Viewpoint report from Stora Enso Packaging Solutions.

When retail goes online the requirements on the packaging are changing. Currently, most innovations take place in non-grocery retail as online retailers want to differentiate with more attractive, printed packaging or even personalisation. Packaging has become an important part of overall product and brand experience.

As customers are not able to try products before purchasing as much as 30 – 40 percent of online purchases are returned. Therefore, the packaging needs to be easy to open and reseal for convenient returns and reduced waste.

Today, many online retailers and postal services are pushing their own variations of packaging. In the future we expect some standards to be developed together with packaging suppliers in order to increase efficiency in handling and shipping.

The viewpoint reports can be found here

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