Making the most out of tea

Published 1 February 2014 by Stora Enso
Sustainability is a key asset for OTG (Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft) whose tea brands Meßmer, MILFORD and OnnO Behrends are among the largest-selling brand-name teas in Germany. The company strongly believes that only those who think and act for themselves and others with a long-term perspective can survive long-term and create value. The ambition shows also in their packaging development. OTG has begun manufacturing all of its tea bags from renewable resources and has ceased using aluminium clips on the tea bags since autumn of 2010.

The innovative step here was a clever knot developed by OTG which joins the tea bag to the label. “Switching from a metal clip to a knot meant upgrading our material requirements. With the new technology, the tag needed to be stronger. For that reason, we switched to Ensocoat in this application,” says Ingmar Mester, Purchasing Director at OTG. Tea undergoes only minimal changes from nature to consumer. OTG uses numerous tests and sensory, technological and analytical systems to ensure its high quality, covering all process steps and contributing to quality assurance and improvement. Safe, high-quality packaging materials are a natural part of quality assurance.

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