Top quality pasta boxes

Published 1 February 2014 by Stora Enso

For 127 years, De Cecco has been synonymous with top quality Italian pasta. With taint and odour sensitive egg pasta, it is particularly important to use high quality packaging board obtained from pure primary fibre. “Our philosophy is to be the quality leader in every aspect and that applies equally to packaging,” says Mario Aruffo, De Cecco’s Purchasing Manager. “For our pasta, we have decided to use only cardboard boxes and trays made from pure primary fibre in order to ensure safety and purity. For our egg pasta, which is extremely sensitive to odours and taints arising from external sources, we have chosen the best cardboard for boxes and trays based on the Robinson test, Stora Enso’s Performa Cream.

”For a company like De Cecco, food quality and safety mean everything. Only the best varieties of durum wheat are used and, for example, the spinach and tomatoes used in special coloured pasta are always natural and genuine ingredients. De Cecco produces about 150 thousand tons of pasta per year and the brand is recognised worldwide. 42% of the volume goes to markets outside Italy. Pasta always releases some grease which sets certain requirements for the resistance and organoleptic properties of the cardboard. These needs are fully met by Stora Enso’s cardboards, both CKB® and Tambrite, which De Cecco uses for export packages and special pasta boxes.

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