Trend towards sustainability and innovative packaging design

Published 26 February 2014 by Stora Enso

When Stora Enso Renewable Packaging made research into future trends and value chain development in food and electronics packaging, five trends stood out:

  • Considerable growth in e-retailing volumes.
  • Increasing importance of innovation in design for shelf standout.
  • Increasing competitive intensity in the value chain driving cost focus.
  • Faster development cycles and more new products.
  • Increased awareness of sustainability issues

In two reports the effect of these trends are analysed and developed on how they affect brand owners. According to the reports some of the conclusions are that the packaging will be increasingly important for off- and online brand building and sales increase, also sustainability considerations are increasingly influencing shopper decisions. On top of that reducing cost and optimising operations remains important.

Hannu Alalauri, SVP at Stora Enso Renewable Packaging, presented the insights at the European Packaging Summit in Berlin in late January.

The findings are summarised in two, so called, Viewpoint Reports, which you can find below.

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