Card carries value

Published 30 March 2014 by Stora Enso
A printed greeting card carries a message of love, friendship and appreciation. Though the number of cards sold has decreased due to digital communications, the value of a greeting card as a means of interpersonal communication has grown. This means more emphasis on design.
After more than four decades in the greeting cards business, the Finnish company Karto knows its market. Understanding consumer preferences and design capacity have made Karto the leading designer and manufacturer of greeting cards in Finland. The greeting card business is divided into standard products and seasonal greetings. The standard products, such as birthday greetings, newborn baby and wedding cards, sell throughout the year and generate about sixty percent of Karto’s greeting card sales.
“A common feature of the greeting card market today is the growing value of design. People want to show how much they care by selecting cards featuring well-known artists and designs and precious finishing treatments,” says MD Pekka Ojala from Karto.

Karto has recently selected Stora Enso’s Performa Alto as the main material used in its greeting cards and postcards. “The most critical quality requirement for us is the dimensional stability of the board. It has to withstand several processing steps, from printing, creasing and cutting to hot-foil stamping and other finishing treatments, and still keep its shape in stores, where temperature and humidity are not optimal. Performa Alto passed our tests without problems,” says Mr Ojala.

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