Packaging solution for bulk products

Published 1 March 2014 by Stora Enso
The Stora Enso DesignStudio in Russia has developed a new corrugated board solution for packaging and display of bulk products. The box can either be placed separately on the shelf or be stacked as a freestanding column to be positioned, for example, by the checkout. The solution was created through a joint effort by the company’s Product Development and Marketing Departments.
This flexible solution is suitable both for over-the-counter sales, which are common in Russia for sweets, cookies and other goods, and for retail chain stores with special requirements for packaging, such as shelf-ready displays. 

The solution offers brand owners several benefits. It is made of recyclable and renewable corrugated board materials. It serves as both a product display box and transport packaging. It is efficient since it saves considerable time in the store and can be placed directly on the shelf or the shop floor as is. 

It is also highly flexible in terms of design, size, grade, structure and printing method. It is a universal solution that can be tailored to specific customer needs. And it is suitable for a wide variety of products in different price ranges. 
Since the solution is new to the Russian market, a patent application will be filed. 

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