Polar warmly recommends Stora Enso DesignStudio

Published 1 March 2014 by Stora Enso
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Anna-Marja Suvilaakso, Design Leader, Colour and Material Graphics at POLAR the global leader activity and sports monitoring , shares her experiences of working with Stora Enso’s DesignStudio.

“Due to our tight schedule for package design, it was clear that we needed strong expertise when it came to planning the package structure, as well as productisation abilities. We had already worked with Stora Enso in the past, so it was easy to ask their DesignStudio for help.

From our point of view, one essential factor affecting the success of the project was the location of DesignStudio. At the very start, we had an opportunity to meet at the same table and go through all the details of the project. We met personally with them several times and were in contact in other ways on a weekly basis. It was very easy and effective to maintain contact with a team that shared the same language, cultural background and time zone. DesignStudio also helped us build an active communication channel that allowed for flexibility when it came to arranging meetings, even on a short notice if needed.
In addition to a new packaging concept, the project allowed us to try a new kind of internal operational model. From the start, the Polar project team included members from the company’s logistics, procurement, design, sales and marketing departments. The domestic team from DesignStudio complemented our expertise excellently. The productisation of a new concept requires several iteration rounds, patience and enthusiasm, as well as effective and seamless cooperation between professionals. Having a clear vision and sense of humour is also helpful. We felt that our cooperation with DesignStudio was very efficient and fast. Working on a large and demanding project was a great exercise for perfecting the collaborative approach of our internal team, as well as with the DesignStudio. The results speak for themselves and a lot of ideas were left unused for possible upcoming projects. We would absolutely consider collaborating on other projects in the future and would definitely recommend Stora Enso DesignStudio for carrying out packaging projects.

The best reward from the project was the finished Polar Loop package. The new shape and look of the package have received enthusiastic feedback. We hope that the package conveys a sense of cheerfulness and brings many pleasant moments to our customers, even after the moment of purchase.”

On behalf of the Polar project team,  
Anna-Marja Suvilaakso

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