Brilliant bag-in-box for Appassimento

Published 25 May 2014 by Stora Enso
​More than half of wine sales in Sweden comes from bag-in-box wines. One of the most popular labels is Castelforte Appassimento, which now comes in a new box made from a unique, shiny silver grade of Stora Enso’s CKB® board.
The package is made by FrontPac for the Swedish wine importer The Beverage Group. The elegant box is designed to stand out on the shelf. The selected material, CKB® board with high-gloss metallized PET-film laminate, offered FrontPac’s skilled team a creative surface to work with.

The board is silver-coloured all over its top side, so the designer can choose where to apply printing and where to let the silver shine through. This creates an attractive effect achieved in a very cost-efficient manner compared with traditional hot-foil stamping, which requires custom tooling. Other metal colours are also available. The PET film also adds strength to the box and improves its moisture resistance – a benefit for white wine boxes that are stored in the fridge.

A bag-in-box is a good packaging option not only for its consumer appeal, but also because it enables effective storage and transportation, allowing several layers of boxes on a pallet, and it offers a large printable area for product information and branding.

“CKB® is well known for its runnability in packaging lines. It is great as a top liner, thanks to the strength, cracking resistance and stable performance in the gluing operation,” says Fredrik Werner, Stora Enso’s Segment Development Manager for food, beer and beverage packaging.

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