Stora Enso is part of the solution when Poland increases recycling

Published 17 June 2014 by Stora Enso
The paper machine PM5 in Stora Enso’s Ostroleka mill in Poland, which was opened about a year ago, is totally dependent on paper for recycling as the fibre source. The most important way of getting this is Stora Enso’s own 20 collection depots around all of Poland. This year about 250 000 tonnes will be collected this way.
“Every year we are increasing the amount of collected paper for recycling. But it will never be the only source”, says Michal Gawrych, Supply Chain Director. “Today it represents about 50% of our need. The rest is bought from traders and we also get about 10% of our need from our converting customers when we take care of their clippings and production waste.”

Poland has among the lowest rate in Europe when it comes to recycling. So far it has been about 40%. The official goal for 2014 is 55%. The Stora Enso network of depots plays a crucial role in improving the statistics.

“We manage much of the supply chain ourselves. At the depots we buy the paper unpacked and we do the bailing and logistics. Ideally we want only corrugated material and board, but a certain level of magazine paper is acceptable,” says Michal Gawrych.

Stora Enso is expanding the network of depots but there is a limit.

“To be efficient and profitable the depots have to be in urban areas as the bailing equipment is rather expensive. Normally we collect paper from within a radius of 50 km at each depot.”

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