A premium rigid box by Stora Enso supports the brand value of Valkee

Published 8 August 2014 by Stora Enso
​A DesignStudio workshop held at Lahti mills was the starting point for co-operation between Stora Enso Packaging Solutions and Valkee Oy.

Valkee is a Finnish health technology company focused on harnessing the benefits of bright light for the human mind and performance. Already during the very first workshop a clear vision of the future packaging was created – an innovative and premium product, bright light headset, required an innovative and premium approach also for the packaging.

Zoltan Kovacs, a packaging designer from Stora Enso’s DesignStudio in Komarom came onboard and the planning of the new packaging was kicked-off. A rigid-box was chosen as a solution as it offers unique touch and feel properties through the matt silk surface and high quality offset printing combined with sharp edges on boxes.

Not only the outer part but also the inner part of the package required a new approach. A plastic inner tray, which is typically used in this kind of packages, was replaced by a solution with nice structural finesse and made of 100% renewable and recyclable raw materials.

The experiences of the new packaging have been very positive” says Pekka Somerto, the Managing Director of Valkee Oy. “The Silky matt feeling combined with smooth unpacking experience truly support a positive and holistic user experience which is further supported by the nice inner part.” The upgrading project of the package was a true success story: “The premium product is now supported by a premium package” concludes Somerto.

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