Rapid changes in consumer shopping behaviors speed up demands for smarter packaging solution

Published 23 September 2014
Stora Enso, Packaging Solutions today releases a new report, Viewpoint. It is revealing industry insights regarding future demands for innovative packaging solutions within grocery retail businesses.

The Viewpoint “Retail Packaging 2016 and beyond”, is the third edition in Stora Enso Packaging Solutions in-depth Viewpoint report series. The report covers the retail industry’s rapid changes and how this affects the future demands of packaging solutions.

The report reveals case studies with findings showing how retailers can reduce costs between 50 to 70 percent by using smart packaging solutions. The report also covers the key levers on how to stand out in a market with a predicted increase of private-label goods penetration reaching 50 percent within ten years.

“When 70 percent of consumers’ grocery retail purchase decisions are made at the point of sales, and the retail market is in strong competition, we know that packaging plays a significant role contributing to increased sales and reduced cost throughout the value-chain”, says Hannu Alalauri, Packaging Solutions Senior Vice President at Stora Enso.

The five themes influencing future grocery retail packaging presented in the report are:

  • The success of discount retailers
  • Increased private-label penetration
  • Intelligence in packaging solutions
  • The shift of retail to online channels
  • A greater focus on sustainability

"The retailers that can best understand and execute on the full potential of packaging solutions will be best placed to win in the marketplace of today and tomorrow. With the Viewpoints we are proud to continue to share insights regarding the future of innovative packaging and are happy to invite our customers to a further dialogue”, says Hannu Alalauri, Packaging Solutions Senior Vice President at Stora Enso.

Hannu Alalauri will speak at the World Retail Congress in Paris September 30th about the Future of Retail Packaging 2016 and beyond.

To download the full Viewpoint report in various languages, please visit www.storaensopack.com/press-media

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