Tambrite is no 1

Published 9 September 2014 by Stora Enso
Stora Enso’s Tambrite is the most valuable cartonboard brand among European brand owners. Ensocoat and Performa are also ranked in the top ten. This was revealed by the Brand Equity Tracking Survey 2014, conducted for the sixth time by Opticom International Research. The aim of the cartonboard Brand Equity Index (BEI) is to define the most valuable brands from the user perspective. It makes it possible to compare brands with each other and rank them on a country and/or European level.

Opticom’s Brand Equity Index consists of a set of brand assets such as spontaneous brand awareness, top-of-mind, relative performance and loyalty. The index assesses the impact and strengths/weaknesses of individual cartonboard brands, benchmarks the leading brands against each other and evaluates the success of individual brand strategies over time. Tambrite enjoys high awareness and loyalty, especially in pharma & healthcare, frozen & chilled food and dry food. When it comes to companies, Stora Enso has the highest supplier awareness.
377 brand owners from seven countries, representing six different end-use segments (pharmaceutical & healthcare, cosmetics & beauty care, chocolate & confectionery, dry food, frozen & chilled food, wine & spirits), responded to the survey in spring 2014. The countries were Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The survey was also conducted among 220 carton converters. Tambrite was the best-known cartonboard brand among converters, with Performa and Ensocoat also in the top five in spontaneous brand awareness. Since the last survey in 2012, Ensocoat took a big step upwards in the converters’ BEI, rising from 8th to 5th place.

Customer comments

“Ensocoat has a good and consistent quality, a good shade of white and also has a good rigidity compared to its weight.” (Cosmetics brand owner, Italy)
“Performa is perfect for chocolate packaging: the odour test is ok and its printing quality is very good.” (Chocolate & confectionery brand owner, France)
“Quality weighed the most in choosing Tambrite (contaminant-free, runnability in the machines, grammage and visual appearance).” (Dry food brand owner, Germany)

Further information

Sanna Heiskanen, Manager, Communications, Stora Enso Renewable Packaging, Consumer Board

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