Creating Shared Value in Uruguay

Published 21 January 2015 by Stora Enso
Our Montes del Plata pulp mill project is a joint venture in Uruguay. From company-owned lands, almost half is not used as tree plantations but for cattle grazing by local farmers. Instead of maximising rent revenues, the company aims to promote equitable sharing of opportunities in the local community. In addition, growing trees has become an additional source of income and a complementary use of their land for Uruguayan landowners, especially sandy or rocky areas, not well suited to cattle ranching.
In order to optimize and diversify land use, Montes del Plata created a programme to cooperate with the local farmers. One part of the programme is helping the farmers to plant eucalyptus in those parts of their land that are not suitable for other agricultural purposes to diversify their income structure.

The other important part is the development of new activities on Montes del Plata's lands. Montes del Plata has rented out over 100,000 hectares of land for cattle grazing and beekeeping to local farmers.

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