For McCulloch the packaging does the selling

Published 1 January 2015 by Stora Enso
​McCulloch is a Husqvarna brand for garden equipment such as lawn mowers, trimmers and chainsaws. The products are sold at supermarkets and DIY stores where the well-designed packaging does much of the selling by attracting and informing the consumers. We want our products to be purchased easily, the brand reasons.
The fierce competition among DIY stores and retail chains calls for ever more streamlining. This, in turn, has led to a limited availability of staff on the shop floor. Consumers are aware of this, of course, but lower prices and faster shopping weigh heavier.

At the same time, consumers still need to know which product to buy. That’s where the packaging plays a crucial role, picking up much of the job done formerly by the store staff. Brands that know how to exploit this will be the winners in retail.

Several McCulloch chainsaw packages are produced by Stora Enso Packaging. An attractive colour product photo takes centre stage, but the print also pushes key features forward, using close-ups and short selling texts.

For McCulloch, the packaging is an integral part of the brand. Everything follows the same design concept and communicates “the power to get it done.” That’s what has made McCulloch a major international player in their field.

McCulloch is a good example of the basics in how to achieve success in retail: Right brand, right product, right packaging. All three will be equally important to win the battle for future customers.

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