flying start for Stora Enso performa brilliance in graphical industry

Published 13 October 2015 by Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions
Stora Enso’s newly launched board grade, Performa Brilliance, has had a flying start in the graphical board market. Several graphical printers have tested Performa Brilliance during the recent months, and the first customers have introduced the board in their production.
Performa Brilliance is now also available through the first merchants; Igepa in Germany and Austria, Polyedra in Italy and Denmaur Independent Papers in the UK.

Performa Brilliance offers an attractive new alternative for publishers of paperback books, greeting cards, calendars and postcards, too. The board has superior whiteness, excellent smoothness and great visual appearance both on the top and the reverse side. This means best in class performance in deep embossing, laser marking, hot foil stamping and all kinds of varnishing. The substrate is suitable for various digital printing methods.

“The timing of the product development and launch was right as there is a gap in the market left by our bygone competitor Tullis Russell. We believe that many of their former customers would benefit from using Performa Brilliance board and we also expect many of our current customers to switch to the new product as it is the best GC1 board we have ever made,” says Eva Lundqvist, Product Manager. “A fundamental change in the very core of the product, the pulp, is an outcome of intense R&D. Further optimization was achieved by way of the coating formulation that has enabled us to introduce this incredibly smooth base board.”

Performa Brilliance is available with the EU Ecolabel, which confirms that the board fulfils the European Commission’s ecological criteria for paper and board used for graphical end uses. The EU Ecolabel is a trusted, voluntary label promoting environmental excellence and is recognised across Europe. Performa Brilliance and other Stora Enso Consumer Board products with the EU Ecolabel can be used for all kinds of graphical end uses, such as printing, publishing, stationery, envelopes and greeting cards. Performa Brilliance is also available with the FSC® and PEFC™ certificates.

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