Kärntner Sparkasse erects timber building for new branch

Published 14 October 2015 by Stora Enso
Employees at Kärntner Sparkasse in St. Andrä im Lavanttal will be getting a particularly sustainable workplace, just in time for World Savings Day on 30th October. It is characterised by natural materials, intelligent construction methods and minimum energy requirements. Currently, around 150 cubic metres of certified CLT from Stora Enso have been used in the building. The timber construction will give this bank branch a particularly pleasant atmosphere, for employees as well as customers. The new branch is the second timber construction project this year, implemented by Kärntner Sparkasse as part of their "Branch concept 2020". Last year alone, four timber branches were opened.

CLT convinces as a practical and sustainable building material

Modernity, sustainability and environmental awareness across the board, coupled with the use of regional raw materials - this is the theme created by Kärntner Sparkasse as part of their "branch concept 2020". The new figurehead of this concept is the newly built branch in St. Andrä im Lavanttal, built in a record time of just five months. The new building provides 400 square metres of space for meeting rooms, a cashier's office and a self-service zone. The customer car park is located nearby, providing good accessibility. "Our revised branch layout centres on people. Ecological building materials and warm colours create an atmosphere that has a positive effect on the motivation of the employees. The branch is a communication space for customers, combining the positive experiences of consultation and banking", says Ing. , authorized Officer at Kärntner Sparkasse.

Sustainability is the central theme of the new branch concept

Kärntner Sparkasse invested 1.7 million euros in the new building in St. Andrä, which is scheduled to open in time for World Savings Day on 30th October. Sustainability is a primary objective: "We want to ensure that CO2 emissions are greatly decreased, or even reduced to zero, in both operation and construction. With a timber construction, we save approx. 200 tonnes of CO2 compared to a conventional building. The response to our first timber branch in Klagenfurt was huge. We received very positive feedback, from both customers and employees", says Petschauer.

CLT from Stora Enso is the ideal building material for sustainable construction projects, offering a number of advantages: better static properties due to a large carrying capacity and lower dead weight, maximum earthquake resistance and significantly shorter construction times due to a high degree of prefabrication in the factory. Because wood is a renewable resource that stores CO2 long-term, CLT has an excellent ecological balance. In addition, CLT from Stora Enso is certified under very stringent conditions.

"The solid wood design of our CLT products guarantees a safe and particularly quick construction, because the CLT elements are prefabricated when they are transported to the construction site. This has a positive impact on the construction time and, therefore, the construction costs", says Senior Vice President of Stora Enso Wood Products GmbH in Central Europe. The construction in St. Andrä was carried out by Stora Enso's long-standing CLT customer, Raimund Baumgartner from Reichenfels.

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