Natura chooses paper based on sustainability values

Published 13 October 2015 by Stora Enso
​A shared concern for environment impact is key to the right partnership. Stora Enso supplies paper for Revista Natura, with an end result that is true to the Natura commitment and products.​
In Brazil, Stora Enso’s commitment to sustainable development attracted Natura, a large cosmetics company that puts great value on environmental and social responsibility.

Natura cosmetics are found in almost two thirds of Brazilian homes. The company’s concern for environmental impact extends to its products as well as its catalogues, such as the 140-page publication Revista Natura. This is published 18 times a year, with a circulation of 3 million copies per issue – adding up to 54 million copies per year.

Stora Enso has been supplying the paper for Revista Natura since 2011. It’s printed on NeoPress paper from the Arapoti paper mill in Brazil. The 70g/m² grade paper reproduces colours in very high quality and resolution, with an end result that is true to the actual Natura products.

Natura’s decision regarding which paper to use was based on printing performance as well as a thorough audit of the environmental, social and economic aspects of the paper. Here, Stora Enso ranked first among the competitors.
“Besides the quality of Stora Enso’s products and their ability to meet a high demand, we were impressed by the company’s desire to minimise impact on the environment. We are committed to buying raw materials from supply chains that meet rigorous traceability and environmental accountability procedures,” says Ferreira.

“As our production process is based on thermo-mechanical pulp, our paper needs less wood and water than those of our competitors. When you transport less wood from the forest to the mill, you also burn less fuel, which, in turn, reduces your emissions drastically. Worth noting is that the Arapoti Mill runs completely on hydroelectricity,” says Sales Director Wagner Silva, Stora Enso Brazil. “Natura’s audit concluded that by using our product, they could in fact print more copies of Revista Natura without growing their environmental footprint.”

“At Natura, we are passionate about sustainable forest management as well as the quality of our products and services, just like Stora Enso. Deep down, our successful partnership with Stora Enso is based on our shared values and ways of thinking,” concludes Ferreira.

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