Fresnel lens and the luxury of 3d

Published 11 November 2015 by Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solution
Paperboard is heading for new dimensions in the glamorous Pearl Box made by Amsterdam Metallized Products (AMP), who specializes in transfer metallizing, special coatings and laminating films and foils on paper and board.
The 3D effect on the board surface is achieved through a laminated foil called Fresnel lens. The application requires exceptional smoothness from the board surface and optimal performance in gluing, to ensure perfect adhesion of the foil to the board. These demands are perfectly met by using Stora Enso Ensocoat as the baseboard.

“We expect especially cosmetics and beverage brand owners to be highly interested in the lens, which has already been seen on a Harry Potter DVD cover. Currently we are holding discussions with a number of new companies which are extremely interested in the Pearl Box. It will be a powerful weapon in the battle for exclusive brands who want to be just that little bit more exclusive,” says Jeroen Pillen, Manager Business Development at AMP.

AMP is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from where they serve customers worldwide. AMP’s products are used for packaging, labelling, publishing and promotion in various industries, including tobacco, wine, brewing and spirits, personal care, cosmetics and food.

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