A home with a pellet heating

Published 1 February 2015 by Stora Enso
​"In a country where almost 75% of the land area is growing forest, we should make the most out of it," says Francis Prior in the Prior family's cozy living room. That is also why he only had one option to heat up his house located Imatra: pellets.
When the family built their own house in Imatra in 2006, Francis Prior only wanted pellets for heating. “I suggested other solutions as well, but in the end, pellets – although a new solution during that time – were a cost competitive option,” Sanna Prior says.

“Also the green values mattered,” adds Francis working in his own Forestry Service Company.

Not meant for everyone

The shower is often used in sporty five-member family.  With pellets, running out of hot water has never been a worry. “I just love hot baths!” Sanna admits. Water for heating and household use is heated in the pellet stove located in the garage; pipes under the ground transport the heating to the house.

The pellet oven has a sensor for out-door temperature, so that heating is immediately intensified when the weather gets colder.
“Of course, the oven needs regular maintenance. Even though pellets burn effectively, the ashes need to be cleaned once a month during the winter time,” Francis explains. “If you are worried about getting some dust in your clothes, pellets are not your option.”

In addition, the pellet oven requires complete clean-up once a year. Otherwise, no other work is required. “We don’t even need to worry about the oven if we leave the house for holidays,” Francis says.

Local energy, local employment

Customers in Eastern Finland can order pellets directly from the webshop. “We distribute pellets to customers within about a 200 kilometer radius from our mill in Kitee,” says Mauno Väyrynen Pellet Production and Sales Manager at Stora Enso. “The quality of pellets is constantly followed. We want to deliver our customers a product with stable good quality.”

“Ordering pellets over the internet with Stora Enso has been easy, efficient, and quick. The web ordering page is straight forward and easy to follow. Deliveries have actually arrived quicker than promised. The choice of payment options is also a very helpful feature,” Francis says.
“Our webshop prices include all the fees related to the order which helps customers immediately understand the total cost,” Mauno Väyrynen comments.

“On average, one load of 3 000 kilos will last 6-8 months depending on the winter weather,” Sanna estimates. “With Stora Enso, everything has gone really smoothly.”

“This country is filled with wood – why not utilise it to the fullest? Pellets are not dependent on oil price fluctuations and other international factors,” says Francis Prior. “Especially here in Eastern Finland, wood-based pellets are a truly local choice that also supports local employment.”

Stora Enso produces pellets in seven units located Finland, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. The eight pellet production unit will be opened in Sweden during the second quarter of 2017.

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