Megatrends shape our future

Published 21 April 2015 by Stora Enso
​​Big, global trends are shaping the world and the way people consume. Sustainable forestry-based solutions are needed more than ever before.

Population growth

By 2025, the global population is expected to reach eight billion. That means more consumption and more pressure on the world’s natural resources – and all the more need for renewable solutions.


Alongside a growing population, people are moving into the cities. This is driving the need for new housing and construction materials, smart packaging, as well as solutions for recycling and waste reduction.


This is a challenge for the paper business, but has a huge upside for packaging and board. Packaging for online retail and intelligent tracking and monitoring, for example, are on the rise.

Income growth

In emerging markets, we see a growing middle class with growing disposable income to explore the wonderful world of consumerism.

Changing lifestyles

Income growth, urbanisation, digitalisation, the service economy. These all affect what we buy and how we choose to live on-the-go.


In the long term, climate change will have big consequences. It is already influencing an attitude and consumption change – everything is ‘eco’ right? The consumer today cares not only about what they buy, but also how it is made.

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