Deep diving with 300 people

Published 22 May 2015 by Stora Enso
​Do you know what is one of the most innovative things today in business idea creation and leadership development? It is what is happening in Stora Enso’s continuing cooperation with the Swiss IMD Business School. This was demonstrated in Stora Enso’s biggest internal event of the year, Reconnect 2015, where 300 employees deep dived into idea creation.
Reconnect 2015 was an event for generating ideas that will help Stora Enso implement its strategy, focusing on Customer Centricity and Differentiation through Innovation.

Stora Enso is transforming from a traditional paper and board producer into a customer-oriented renewable materials company, and Reconnect was arranged to prepare the company for the second leg of this journey. The first leg was renewing the company's asset base. Now, it is time to look at how better sales can drive transformation and how innovations can help Stora Enso differentiate itself.

Three hundred Stora Enso employees from all over the world gathered in Helsinki, and even more people took part via an interactive webcast.
Reconnect 2015 was not a traditional management event. The participants represented all parts of the organisation, from mills to offices around the world; engaging alongside top management. Some participants had applied to be present. Additionally, there were no long presentations, monologues and passive listening. Rather the day's goal was to generate ideas related to customer centricity and innovation, and contribute to the continued transformation of Stora Enso.

The event demonstrated Stora Enso's partnership with the IMD Business School in Switzerland. IMD uses innovative education methods in helping to create innovative ideas for Stora Enso's business success. The partnership with Stora Enso on the Pathfinders and Pathbuilders programmes has become IMD's benchmark for executive education.

From Mega Dive to the surface of success

A large part of the day was spent on a big team exercise called a Mega Dive. Participants came up with ideas related to key themes of the day, prototyped them and shared those ideas with others.

The Mega Dive was only the second one IMD has ever arranged. It was a large-scale Deep Dive, which is a working method designed for effective idea creation and problem solving. Participants took a very close and detailed look at their work by combining brainstorming, prototyping and feedback loop techniques.
What makes Reconnect 2015 special? The work done in the Mega Dive doesn't stop there. A group called Pathbreakers will work those ideas forward to solid investment proposals. They will be presented to Stora Enso's top management later on.

"The group of people chosen to further work on the ideas from Reconnect 2015 has the possibility and power to drive change. I dare to say that what we are doing with Reconnect and this programme is something unique," says Lars Häggström, Head of Global People and Organisation.

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