Mercedes-Benz VIP club – packed with perfection

Published 7 July 2015 by Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions
The Mercedes-Benz perfumes have made a great expansion with 1 million bottles sold in just two recent years. The latest collection, called Mercedes-Benz VIP Club, was launched in October 2014 during the TFWA in Cannes with outstanding packaging in line with the compelling DNA and brand values of Mercedes-Benz. The material of the cartons is Stora Enso Ensocoat.
The Mercedes-Benz VIP Club collection has been in the market since April 2015. The collection of five fragrances was created in exclusive cooperation with five Master Perfumers from Firmenich. For the carton manufacturing, Mercedes-Benz Parfums selected Nortier Packaging, who truly masters printing and converting board with metallized polyester film. Ensocoat from Stora Enso was the material of choice for such a demanding application.

The Best or Nothing

As the signature of Mercedes-Benz is "The Best or Nothing", it was crystal clear that both the carton and the board material should meet this expectation 100%. Now we can see the perfect, embossed Mercedes-Benz star logo shining bright on the top of the luxurious carton. Florence Barraud, Marketing Brand Manager Mercedes-Benz Parfums, INCC Group, tells about its creation.

“The challenge for these five cartons was to reproduce the colors of the perfume bottles that are themselves in relation to the olfactory family. To achieve brighter colors, the carton is covered with a silver metallized polyester film. The special effects created by varnishing reflect the selective and masculine sides of the perfume. The master perfumers themselves are featured on the back of the carton with black and white print, each of them expressing the personality of the fragrance signed by the perfumer.”

The Mercedes-Benz VIP Club is the 4th Mercedes-Benz Parfums major launch by INCC Group. Based in Versailles in France, the company has developed and marketed Mercedes-Benz perfumes under license since 2011, and today the brand is present in 90 countries and 10,000 doors in the selective network and travel retail.

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