Lovely new boxes for Kägi Sweets

Published 9 September 2015 by Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions
The Swiss masters of chocolate and waffle, Kägi Söhne AG, has opened a new store with a novel Pick&Mix concept. Customers can choose their favourite sweets on a Pick&Mix Station and pick them into new, specially-designed cartons manufactured by A&R Carton. The delicacies in the beautiful package are also a perfect gift.
The “Kägi-Glücksbecher” is a folded variation of the candy cup concept created by A&R Carton and Stora Enso. Its material is Stora Enso’s Performa White board. The package is efficient to transport flat, while being stable and user-friendly with its easy opening and closing. Its shape and visual quality provide perfect display of the brand. 
Kägi Classic Minis nominated for award

A&R Carton’s Sebastian Eckert has also designed a unique carton for Kägi Classic Minis. The premium quality box made of Performa White comes in a polygonal shape, which is both eye-catching and pleasant to use when opening the box and serving the sweets. The box has been nominated for the Pro Carton ECMA Award 2015 in the confectionery category.

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