Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2015 have been granted

Published 17 April 2018 by Stora Enso Consumer Board and Packaging Solutions
Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2015 for innovative carton packaging were granted 10 September 2015 in Bucharest. Four finalists in the annual design competition were using Stora Enso’s boards. Kägi Classic Minis won the Confectionery category award and García Puente free-range eggs packaging won the Most Innovative award.
The Pro Carton ECMA Jury considered the Kägi confectionery pack to be very distinctive for the confectionery sector. The product is clearly predestined for special occasions. Unique and eye-catching, the premium carton with an unusual shape assures a grand appearance both in the shops as well as in consumers’ homes and makes the perfect gift. The sustainable packaging is 100% carton board without foil finishing, and its carton polyhedron replaces the flexible outer packaging. An adhesive tape reaches from the top flap over the edge to the base and ensures the integrity of the product. Open, remove and close – works perfectly and the small chocolate bars are easy to take out.

“The Polyhedron shape and construction was very appealing to the eye and no doubt would be on shelf, even when stacked as it has several faces to carry branding. The opening and closing top face allowed easy access to the product and the box itself was perfect for after use,” said the Jury. The Kägi Classic Minis box is manufactured by A&R Carton from Stora Enso Performa White board.

The Most Innovative carton award was granted to García Puente free-range eggs carton produced by Alzamora Packaging from Stora Enso Triplex Gris board. The pockets of the sliding design keep five eggs safe and firmly placed in a row. The pack has round windows and offers high convenience in use, is easy to hold and carry, can be placed directly into the refrigerator and stacked perfectly. The Jury was impressed by the thinking that went into this pack: “The way the eggs were held in place by the construction, the space available for branding, the fact that the eggs could be seen without opening the pack, all leading to a premium and unique presentation of what is essentially a commodity product. Not seen before.”

Other finalists using Stora Enso’s board were Cadbury Heroes & Roses chocolate box and Apetit soup packaging.

View all winners and finalists at the Pro Carton ECMA Awards website!

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