Setting trends with Monocle

Published 10 September 2015 by Stora Enso
​Monocle is a cool media brand of global affairs and lifestyle, as well as Stora Enso's customer.
Monocle is a global affairs and lifestyle paper magazine, 24-hour radio station, website and media brand. It also has retail shops in six cities around the world, and cafes in London and Tokyo. This is a very different approach compared to most media brands, but Monocle is known as a trendsetter that does things in its own way. Monocle was founded by Tyler Brûlé, Financial Times columnist, and previously founder of the renowned Wallpaper* magazine.

Monocle is also Stora Enso’s customer. We are Monocle’s exclusive paper partner for The Escapist, Monocle’s summer travel-minded magazine, which also delivers a dose of business ideas and global affairs. The Escapist issue number 2/2015 is “a journal of places less explored” of no less than 274 pages.
The magazine includes altogether five different Stora Enso paper types: 300gsm LumiArt gloss, 90gsm Lux Cream 1.8, 100gsm LumiArt gloss, 100gsm LumiSilk and 55gsm and  ExoPress 76.


Monocle’s video on Stora Enso Paper

Our relationship with Monocle has bloomed into co-operation as well: Monocle has produced a video about Stora Enso’s paper business to their website. The film tells about Stora Enso’s ambition in paper. The film crew visited our Oulu mill far up north in Finland, as well as our Langerbrugge mill in Belgium, which uses only recycled paper as raw material.

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