Red Dot Award 2015 for This Is Not Calvados

Published 28 January 2016
​The Packaging Design Grand Prix Red Dot Award 2015 was granted to a unique packaging concept created by Win Win Packaging Ltd., Finland, for “This Is Not Calvados”, a premium product targeted at Calvados enthusiasts. The structure is made of Stora Enso’s Reboard, which is a very rigid board with a fluted core. The outer layer is made of Ensocoat to achieve the best possible print result and brand appearance.

“This Is Not Calvados” is made by a small Finnish distillery using only biodynamic, naturally grown apples, no food colour and no other artificial additives. Since the beverage is targeted to a niche market with fierce competition, the packaging design of the numbered bottles has been made to stand out and distinguish itself from other products in its category. The clear statement on the label “This Is Not Calvados” communicates the genre and challenges Calvados products outside the Normandy. The bottle’s masculine form and the straightforward design of its label, featuring grotesque Franklin Gothic lettering, lend it a pure and powerful image.

“The design aims to create a natural and hand-made look and feel. The light but strong package, made of environmentally friendly paperboard, also protects the product during transportation. In addition, it can be turned into a nice display set in tax-free shops and other retail stores,” says creative Director Renne Angelvuo from Win Win Packaging.

According to the jury of Red Dot Award 2015, the packaging conceals nothing but makes its original content immediately visible and, thus, reflects the natural, hand-made character of the spirit, produced using no additives of any sort. The package made of strong, environmentally friendly paperboard, gives the bottle enough protection and also makes it easy to transport. It is even stackable for the arrangement of individual presentations in retail stores.

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