Award for Orion's child-resistant Sileo carton

Published 15 November 2016
​The winner of Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2016 in the Healthcare category was an ingenious child-resistant carton for Orion Pharma, a globally operating Finnish pharmaceuticals company. The award was granted to a child-resistant package for Sileo, a medicine for dogs that is the most important new veterinary product launch this year for Orion Pharma. The carton is manufactured by A&R Carton from Stora Enso’s Ensocard Pharma TR board.

The Sileo product is sold throughout Europe, and the carton has been tested and approved according to the ISO 8317 (2003) standard for reclosable child-resistant packaging in the EU. Manufacturing of the carton is efficient and filling also takes place in a single run. The jury was amazed at the internal engineering of the pack, which allows it to be easily opened by an adult by depressing the yellow highlighted areas, while the contents are safely secured from children. Functionality, usability and sustainability are absolutely state-of-the-art, thanks to the specially-developed material and structural design.

“It took one and half years to fine-tune the design of the carton that fits Orion’s need for child-resistant packaging that works on their existing packaging and filling line. The carton’s child-resistance functionality is designed without any additional plastic parts, so the carton can also be easily recycled. Several prototypes were tested before the final single-piece design was ready,” says Esa Halme, Senior Sales Manager and Advisor at A&R Carton. The Pro Carton ECMA Awards were granted on the 15th of September at the annual congress of ECMA, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers.

Special barrier boards open new paths

Child-resistance requires special properties from the board material. EnsocardTM Pharma TR by Stora Enso is a product that ensures tear-resistance. “The challenge to develop a tightly sealable paperboard with good tear strength came from our customers,” says Product Manager Jaana Keskitalo from Stora Enso. “We immediately started to look for the best possible combination of paperboard and barrier coating. The PET coating on both sides of Ensocard provides strength and sealability.”

Stora Enso’s wide range of cartons and barrier coatings provides vast opportunities to explore new packaging options and features deriving from consumers’ and customers’ needs. As a result, we are seeing the birth of highly advanced specialty products that enable plastic to be replaced by board in new applications and end uses. The Sileo carton is a good example: a child-resistant package made from carton board without any plastic parts.