Innovating with the customer - Brum Box

Published 18 March 2016
The company Brum Brum, from Latvia, makes balance bikes for children and wanted to create reusable packaging for them. Together with Stora Enso, they found a very satisfactory solution: the Brum Box.

“The main challenge we had was to create packaging which is not meant to be thrown away, but can be re-used for activities directly linked to the packaged product and its new owner,” says Toms Grinbergs of the BRUM BRUM team.

Toms continues, “Our target audience are children aged 2–6 years, and we know they like to draw, build, create, glue and smear. So we came to the conclusion that the packaging should be fun, practical to use, and easy to transform into a play house. It should be a furniture-like object, like the child’s first real headquarters.

Our first handmade prototypes brilliantly served as exhibition stands for the Brum Brum balance bike’s pre-launch at international exhibitions. Experience and feedback from our potential customers helped us to improve the concept.

The next thing to do was to find a company who could put our packaging in production. At this point we went to Stora Enso, because the company has extensive experience in complex packaging production. In collaboration with them we went through the industrial prototyping process. Our handmade prototypes were redesigned in order to fit the production technologies. At the Stora Enso Design Studio in Riga, Latvia, the designers developed the third inner box, which is a supportive system that holds the product and the tiny instrument suitcase for storing the necessary tools, assembly instructions and stickers.

By using a simple box in box system, the Brum Brum balance bikes packaging transforms into a garage where the bike can rest until its next ride, with shelves for toys and cool drawings which can be coloured by the little riders according to their own vision of the world.

As for the materials, we are keeping it simple. Brum Box is produced by using corrugated board, which is also easy to recycle. The drawings are printed by using the Flexographic printing technology.”

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