The largest wooden residential building in France constructed with CLT by Stora Enso

Published 9 March 2016
The largest residential building with solid wood in France is constructed with CLT by Stora Enso Stora Enso will provide around 1 800 m3 of CLT for this building with 140 apartments.

The project named "QUAI DE LA BORDE" in France will be completed within a total construction time of only 13 months. Compared to traditional building projects the construction time is significantly reduced thanks to the use of completely pre-cut CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). elements by Stora Enso. The CLT elements were manufactured in the Stora Enso unit in Bad St. Leonhard in Austria.

Professional, quick and sustainable solutions for urban wood construction

The project is completed with Promicea, a company that promotes the use of sustainable, wood-based solutions for French residential building projects.

"We are pleased to be part of such a large European wood building project and to be able to demonstrate once again how suitable CLT is particularly for urban residential building projects. CLT offers highest compatibility with other building materials as well as a wealth of possibilities in terms of construction concepts, styles and architectural designs," explains Herbert Jöbstl, SVP of Stora Enso Wood Products in Central Europe.

The growing need for housing demands innovative, environmentally sound concepts that answer to people's needs. CLT by Stora Enso meets this challenge by offering professional solutions that adapt to suit the customer's needs and are made from sustainably produced and certified wood sourced mainly from Austria. From the processing of the wood to the final assembly of the CLT elements, everything comes from a single source easing also the project management.

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