Modern, urban and sustainable!

Published 8 April 2016
​Stora Enso wants to make it easy and reliable to build in wood and has launched an architectural guideline linked to a building system.

How would the city skyline of Paris look like if all the buildings were made of wood? Probably as beautiful as it is today, but much more sustainable. Visiting the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Paris, on the top floor of a nine storey building, one can wonder if the building could have been built with wood? The answer is yes – Stora Enso could do it!

Stora Enso gathered a selected group of architects, developers and constructors when launching Building Systems by Stora Enso in Paris this spring. For the first time in the wood industry, there is an architectural guideline linked to a building system – created by Stora Enso. It allows the specifier to understand the way of building with wood systems and find options feasible for wooden constructions. Stora Enso wants to make it easy and reliable to build in wood.

“For decades, the most efficient building material has been concrete. This we want to change. We have to in order to meet and solve some of the challenges the world is facing, and we know we can make a difference by building more in wood,” says Petri Perttula, Head of Stora Enso Building Solutions.

“We are transforming into a renewable materials company, and our ambition is to offer competitive alternatives to products based on non-renewable materials. What we presented in Paris, and will do in several different markets, is an invitation to join our transformation journey.”

Mathieu Roberts, Head of Business Development & System Sales, agrees with Petri and continues: “Stora Enso is a large company with enormous competence in building with wood. We have gathered all this competence and created something new. But we are not a construction company, we are not the architects creating tomorrow´s houses, we will need partners to team up with, partners who also believe they can make a difference.”

Mathieu sees an increasing interest from architects and construction companies in Europe regarding wood as a building material and see the opportunity for Stora Enso to lead the development and take the role as the market maker.

“Our role is to provide all the knowledge, competence and learnings we have amassed globally and use it to ensure strong business developments and solutions to be used locally,” he says.

The first example is the Residential Multi-storey Building System defined in a manual describing all phases from design to maintenance in detail, making it possible to build residential houses up to 12 storeys. The manual also covers the building physics for different countries and areas such as thermal, acoustic, seismic and fire.

A massive work from many different experts within Stora Enso made it possible to launch this cost-competitive, flexible and safe system.

The building system is the first of its kind to be launched, but definitely not the last. New systems will be launched continuously by Stora Enso, and the next in line is just a few months away.

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