Sustainably packed honey wins award in Italy

Published 10 April 2016
​The Italian magazine FOOD has announced the annual Food Prizes (Premio Food) to promote new food and beverage products. The winner of the confectionery category was Mielizia, a range of regional, high-quality honey packed in sustainable paperboard cups made from Stora Enso’s compostable Cupforma Bio board.

Mielizia is the brand representing the Italian beekeepers of CONAPI (Consorzio Nazionale Apicoltori/Italian National Consortium of Beekeepers), the largest beekeepers cooperative in Italy and one of the most important in the world. CONAPI represents over 600 beekeepers with more than 65 000 hives, who each year provide the cooperative with around 2 500 tonnes of honey.

Mielizia was awarded the prize for having launched a line of regional high-quality honeys in a completely new and innovative packaging which is handy, 100% biodegradable and compostable and lightweight, allowing to reduce CO2 emissions when transporting the packaging. “At CONAPI we believe that the attention our members dedicate to producing the finest honey deserves to be reflected in the packaging. Hence, the Conapi research and development team wanted to create a new container with a low environmental impact. Using a compostable paperboard cup, fully made of renewable materials, is the most effective way to valorise good honey that has been collected in carefully chosen areas, far away from any source of pollution,” says Nicoletta Maffini from CONAPI. “Good conditions ensure that the bees transform fragrant nectar into wonderful, sweet-smelling honey that delights the senses. This is how Mielizia products begin life, before undergoing a series of meticulous tests and being packaged in the paperboard cups that preserve the original organoleptic and nutritional properties of honey.”

Traditionally, honey has been packed in transparent glass jars, but CONAPI selected the paperboard cups, which are manufactured by Scatolificio del Garda. “You have to trust a brand to buy something you do not see and to be convinced of the effective advantages related to a particular material you use for the packaging. The paperboard cup is fully made from renewable materials and it is handy, nice, appropriate for the 100 g size and has plenty of printable surface for the brand communication and product information. The packaging has met our expectations very well from the aesthetic point of view and in terms of practicality, weight and appropriate size,” says Ms Maffini.

Premio Food prizes are based on three main criteria: the performance on the large-scale distribution market, retail experts’ judgment and marketing experts’ judgment. The award-winning products have to convince all the three juries. Mielizia was also signaled in the triad of the candidate products for sustainability category, competing with over 100 products. Mielizia is sold by large retailers and some gourmet shops in Italy, but is aiming also at the foreign market as more and more buyers look for environmentally sustainable products with lower emissions.

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