Royal birthday celebrations

Published 12 June 2016
​British people are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday through the year. Multi Packaging Solutions, in Newcastle, UK, manufactured a stunning carton for Walkers Shortbread to commemorate the royal birthday. The carton made of Stora Enso Tambrite breaths the sense of luxury.

The brief for the pack required a premium design that reflected the royal connection whilst capturing the Queen’s association and love of the Highlands of Scotland. The design incorporates iconic images of the Highlands and is printed in a deep, regal blue. A luxury tactile effect was achieved through the application of a soft-touch varnish and the extensive use of gold hot foil. The graphic design was created by a local design agency, while MPS took care of the structural design, printing and finishing.

“We used Stora Enso’s Tambrite board in rather heavy weight, 310 g/m2, to maintain the feeling of a premium product. Besides, the material has the required strength to protect the fragile pieces of shortbread,” says Michael Gott, Divisional Technical Development and Account Manager at MPS.

The result is a carton fit for royalty, with tactile play of the matt surface and heavy use of hot foil to draw attention. The rich blue hues convey a real sense of luxury. The hot foil needed to be exact, requiring fine detail with no margin for error. The die set-up was thus critical, and fine tuning of temperature and pressure needed to be precise and carefully controlled throughout the run. The main elements of the design were then further augmented with embossing.

MPS manufactures packaging for a number of Walkers products and uses Tambrite for the majority of cartons, to ensure colour match and brand consistency.

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