Stora Enso launches new lightweight uncoated paper Prima Super G

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Published 11 June 2016
Looks coated. Feels smooth. Shouts gloss. Runs in gravure. Claims to be uncoated. Sounds unreal? It’s not. It is the new Prima Super G by Stora Enso!​

Five years ago we took the market by surprise when we introduced our amazing PrimaPress, a light weight uncoated paper for heatset printing. Today, we're taking you by surprise again. You have been waiting for a PrimaPress for rotogravure, but instead, we are bringing something even greater to the market.

That's why we couldn't just add a G to the PrimaPress name because everyone who has trialed our new paper has called it 'great'. We say that it is a new paper with great genes. That's why we have decided to call it Prima Super G. It is great, it is for gravure and it is super glossy.

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