Stora Enso offers new basis weights for Performa Brilliance

Published 21 September 2016
Stora Enso showcased its new Performa Brilliance board product last year in Monaco. At the Luxe Pack Monaco 2016 exhibition, Stora Enso will introduce new, higher basis weights for Performa Brilliance to better serve packaging customers’ demands.

Performa Brilliance is ideal for packaging cosmetics, fragrances, perfumes, beauty and hair care products and luxury products such as jewellery, watches, champagne and fine spirits.

The new Performa Brilliance basis weights are 320 and 345 g/m2, which have been on the wish list of many Stora Enso customers. With a series of production and printing trials successfully completed during the summer, the new grades are now available for commercial delivery.

Performa Brilliance is tailored to the graphical and packaging market’s demands for a folding boxboard with improved visuals, printability and runnability. Performa Brilliance has the highest whiteness on both the top and reverse side of all FBB products in the market, as well as very high brightness and bulk. The board is additionally available with linen embossing for a distinctive look and feel. Performa Brilliance is a key product of Stora Enso’s luxury board offering, together with the company’s flagship product, Ensocoat.

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