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Published 6 November 2017
Let’s face it. Organic food sounds dull. Is it possible to encourage children to eat also organic and healthy food? Yes!

Taste is visual. Studies show that packaging has a big impact on children and affects their perceived taste. Creating appealing packaging invites children to explore their own food preferences and encourage them to eat more healthy and organic products.

In the Recreate Packaging 2018 design competition by Stora Enso, the assignment is to re-design packaging of food to make it more enjoyable and appealing for children. We are looking for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that stand out from what’s out there today. Consider for example how the packaging should look, how it could work, how it opens and closes, how you eat from it, and whether it can be reused or played with. Explore new concepts, functions and shapes. Focus on the concept, form and function of the packaging rather than on graphic design. Be creative beyond expectations!

The packaging design competition is now open, and interested participants can register for the competition until 22 December 2017. There is one student category and one professional category. The materials will be sent to you; it is an exciting selection of Stora Enso’s high-quality paper and paperboard materials including Lumiflex, Natura, Tambrite, and Trayforma by Stora Enso.

Stora Enso’s design competition Recreate Packaging has been awarding creativity and excellence in packaging design since 2012. It serves as a breath of fresh air in the international design community. We are excited to see wonderful ideas and entries also this time!

Check all the details and prizes on our competition website recreatepackaging.com!

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