How do you achieve a performance impression

Published 8 November 2017
Let’s continue to look into the basic values that often appear in packaging design and development briefings. So far, we have taken a look at the luxury, quality and natural impressions. Today, we have come to the fourth one – the performance impression.

Performance impression has two aspects, the first one being the product performance, which is communicated through the packaging artwork effects. The artwork and finishing effects help get the product message through, such as “this will make your teeth whiter”. According to our study, the artwork and finishing effects on packaging perceived to be the main driver of performance impression.

The second aspect is packaging performance that has its own effect on the perception of product quality. This means that the shape of packaging should be both convenient and efficient. It should be easy to handle and open, it should stand well and it should be both easy to find and use.

So, how do we achieve such a performance impression?

Keep the artwork clean, modern and simple, without losing the dynamic layout. Also keep the information easy and clear. A classic code for high performance is the use of strong, contrasting colours, such as one dark and one bright colour. Silver combined with another contrasting colour is also a good way to achieve the performance impression.

Using the right finishing effects on the packaging can really enhance the products design, for example using metallic printing, substrate or foil (matt or gloss) contrasting with a matt varnish makes a clear performance statement.

Other positive traits that support a high-performance impression are easy opening, safe reclosing, easy handling and convenient use. Consumers will assume that the same amount of thought went into the product as into the packaging!

When it comes to packaging type, functionality and shape, it is best to use relatively new or even really innovative formats. People feel that the packaging needs to be up to date in order to deliver a great performance impression.

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