The nougat box from a luxury point of view

Published 14 November 2017
At Interpack, we conducted a market research project to collect qualitative and quantitative input concerning certain impression benefits of packaging. The people were asked to have a look at the sample packs and rate them using the different criteria.
The first pack we will discuss here is a box of nougats. It was a long, slender double-wall box made of strong, metallized paperboard. It was closed with a hooded lid that makes up the front panel.

The artwork on the box was reduced in different hues of gold with an illustration of the product. A small logo on a larger branding field was placed on a wallpaper background texture. The bite-sized nougats were single-packed in printed, texture-embossed gold foil, positioned in a golden thermoformed tray and visible through a cut-out window. The whole pack was wrapped in plastic film.

So, from a luxury impression point of view, what impressions did the test people have of this box?

On the plus side, benefiting the luxury impression was the strong board and double-wall construction. The test people felt this made it feel very solid and therefore luxurious. Also, the shining metallic and all-over gold effect of a laminated board was found a clear luxury statement. The test people also felt that the small details in the artwork and the different shades and hues of gold made the pack design feel and look sophisticated.

Packing the product piece by piece in their own gold foil pack communicated extra care for freshness and product quality, they looked like little gold bars.

According to the test people, the only negative thing from a luxurious point of view was the plastic film wrapping. This was perceived as negative and, together with the single packing, the product was found somewhat over-packed.

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