Is carton board replacing plastics?

Published 5 December 2017
Christmas is around the corner, and with that, the chocolate season… Who doesn’t like to snuggle up in the couch with a cup of tea and some luxurious chocolates this time of the year?
When we are talking about chocolate and confectionery, and the feeling of a luxurious product, what packaging material comes into your mind? Plastic? Don’t think so. It’s probably paper or paperboard. Check for example this year’s Carton Excellence Award and its confectionery category, and you find great examples.

Who else loves Christmas and candy – the kids, of course, and much of the seasonal products are targeting the younger generation. When shopping with or for children, don’t miss out the learning opportunity: does your choice product also communicate sustainable values?

Successful solutions made of paperboard are helping to define the future. Not only is paperboard one of the most sustainable materials, it is also the best in communicating premium brand values. This definitely gives carton the upper hand on plastics.

With Christmas coming soon, bear this in mind. During the holidays, we do consume a box or two of chocolates and confectionery…

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