Everyone's a winner

Published 1 February 2017
​Stora Enso and Lahti2017 together aim to lead the way in promoting and supporting sustainable events.

As the presenting sponsor of the Lahti2017FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Stora Enso’s goal is to contribute to making the event sustainable with renewable materials for packaging, biomaterials, wood products and paper, as well as by maximising the recycling and reuse of products.

Stora Enso’s modern wooden elements can be seen at the games including the podium, the countdown clock, shelters, the main gate and the interiors of the ski jumping towers.

Renewable materials are combined in many special products to be used at Lahti2017. The medal ceremony tray is made of corrugated board, and medallists will receive beautiful and durable containers for their medals. Spectators can try out mini snow gliders made of milk carton board, and enjoy their drinks served in carton board cups.

Spectators will also be able to cheer competitors on using biocomposite stadium horns, in which renewable wood fibres are used instead of fossil-based materials. These biocomposite horns demonstrate an innovative and more sustainable alternative to plastics.

Stora Enso is also providing all the printing and office papers needed for Lahti2017, and has already provided book paper for new books related to the championships.

An exhibition area in the Festival Arena showcases the possibilities of the renewable materials today and tomorrow. Visitors can see where the wood comes from and what can be made of it. They can also try to harvest trees with harvester simulator and visit a paper mill with virtual reality glasses.

All board and paper collected for recycling at Lahti2017 will be utilised as a raw material for new paper and corrugated board products. The wooden gate will remain in use after the championships.

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