Customers enjoyed the spirit of Lahti2017 at Stora Enso's events

Published 2 March 2017
Stora Enso’s customer events at Lahti2017 have provided golden moments for many. The first of March was a big day for Finland, as Iivo Niskanen took gold in men’s 15 kilometre classic on the home snow at the centenary championships as Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence.

Hannu Kasurinen, Head of Carton Board at Stora Enso, was extremely pleased to meet such a large number of customers at this unique event. He emphasized Stora Enso's focus on customer centricity and innovation.

One of the Consumer Board division's workshops held at the event focused on consumer insights on packaging; what people think about packages and packaged products in China, Germany and the United Kingdom. This kind of research findings are interesting to share with Stora Enso's brand owner, retailer and converter customers, with whom we have a common challenge to promote the renewable solutions and make them the preferred choice by consumers.

Another workshop was dedicated to the upgraded graphical and luxury board EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso, which was presented by Product Manager Eva Lundqvist together with fashion designer Bea Szenfeld, who had created an amazing dress made of the new Ensocoat.

Stora Enso's renewable materials were highly visible and widely used at Lahti2017, including e.g. our cup board, liquid packaging board, cardboard recycling bins, wooden constructions and even the board-based medal tray used at the prize-giving ceremonies. The medallists also received an elegant container for the medal, made of micro-corrugated board and a sleeve made of the new EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso.

The customers also visited a logging site near Lahti to learn more about Stora Enso's forest operations and how we are sustainably managing the valuable natural resource. For example in Finland, three or four new trees are planted per every tree harvested. That's what we mean with renewability.

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