Stora Enso’s first LVL shipments

Published 8 March 2017
Stora Enso has invested significantly into developing new massive wood solutions and new ways of growing wood as the building material of the future.

In 2016 Stora Enso opened the world’s most advanced laminated veneer lumber (LVL) production facility in Varkaus, Finland, capable of producing 100,000m3 annually. The first domestic deliveries were made in June 2016. During February, LVL by Stora Enso has been introduced to other key markets with the arrival of the first shipments in Baltimore, USA, Hull, UK and Saint Brieuc, France.

“I feel extremely pleased of Stora Enso for reaching this great milestone. LVL is a well-known and widely used product in the USA, whilst it has played more of a niche role in construction in Europe. For a long time, the production capacity limited its growth, but with recent investments, LVL is entering the mainstream in the thinking of architects and engineers also across Europe,” says Kevin Riley, Head of LVL, Stora Enso, Division Wood Products.

Just-in-time deliveries

Stora Enso’s Wood Products runs its own distribution units globally. The ability to carry a healthy stock and offer tailored services locally is a great advantage for both customers and Stora Enso.

“US are the leading consumers of LVL globally, and launching LVL by Stora Enso to the market is an important step for us in accelerating business growth. Utilisation of the Baltimore warehouse and reload centre enables us to deliver our products right away. The biggest benefit for customers is that they will have instant access to what they need without long lead times for purchasing top quality LVL,” says Robert Loew, US Sales Manager, Stora Enso, Division Wood Products.

Stora Enso has made a commitment to carry stock of LVL in its distribution facilities in Finland, France, UK and USA.

“Adding LVL to our portfolio also means that we can offer an even greater product mix, with a fast delivery service. Additionally, this move supports Stora Enso’s growing profile in the UK truss and timber frame market,” continues Howard Sidney-Wilmot, UK Sales Director, Stora Enso, Division Wood Products.

“Supply security and flexible warehouse operations enable us to serve both industrial end users and timber merchants in an efficient way. From Saint Brieuc we can offer a 24-hour delivery any where in France,” comments Didier Sauvage, France Sales Manager, Stora Enso, Division Wood Products.

LVL by Stora Enso will be available also in other markets in Scandinavia and Central Europe, for example, in Sweden and Germany, where Stora Enso’s innovative building systems for massive wood have recently been launched to architects, developers, contractors and other wood construction professionals.

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