Daily life and habits

Published 10 May 2017
The world is moving fast today. Things and habits change quickly and often. One very visible thing is that the online shopping is starting to redraw the food-retail. Although visiting a physical store still is the preference for most consumers, online shopping is increasing fast.

One of the issues that the online shopping is facing is quality assurance. People want to know what they are getting, and the biggest challenge is “the last mile delivery”, making the customer make that last click to place the order.

The online shopping increases the amount of secondary packaging required, which brings opportunities that we should not miss out on. Intelligent packaging also has a great potential to enhance the consumer experience, from the web shop to the actual delivery and aftercare.

The consumers’ alter their purchases between channels for different product categories. The convenience offered by the supermarket chains, together with the need to be mindful about spending, makes the big retailers the winners, most of the time. However, consumers like to support their local businesses and specialty stores like the butchers or the wet markets in China, so very often they do their complementary shopping there. We can see a trend both in Europe and in China to do shopping more often and less in bulk.

So, this busy lifestyle and changing demographics create demand for smaller packaging. Especially the younger generation do not necessarily cook during the week, leaving their shopping mostly to smaller convenient stores. The convenience is especially appreciated and needed in the United Kingdom. Another group that is adding to the demands on smaller packaging is single households, which are widely represented in all markets.

So are you ready to meet these demands with your packaging strategy?

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