Food packaging with the best story

Published 19 June 2017
A packaging with natural look and feel has won the Swedish “Matverk” food producers’ prize 2017. The product is “Slaktarens Hemlighet” (Butcher's Secret) from the Swedish region Ångermanland.

The award is given to a food product concept with the best taste, quality, story and packaging. The winning package is made from renewable, virgin-fibre-based board, which is safe in food contact and an ideal material for creative designs. The package design was jointly created by the winning team and sketched by Linnéa Liljedahl. The package is made of carton board, CKBTM by Stora Enso, in 220 gsm basis weight. Printing on the board’s brown backside gives the product natural look and feel, underlining the local food produce and authenticity.

Slaktarens Hemlighet won the first prize in the national contest final. Its idea was based on the Spanish pork speciality ’secreto’, flavoured with dry salt and smoke. The package also got a honorary diploma of the Matverk marketing jury.

"The product concept is nearly perfect. Well packed and presented with a good story. Familiar, yet entirely new. Top class craft. The flavour, texture and aroma make even the most picky person smile. A new hero to take its place among the classic foods of the region,” said the jury.

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