Perception of food safety - the most and the least trusted

Published 4 August 2017
How do consumer act and think about food safety? Which products are trustworthy and which are not? And why is that so? Let's learn more about the different parameters of the packaging of groceries. Consumers’ behaviour varies in Germany, China and the UK.

People tend to prioritize different aspects of food safety depending on where they live. In Stora Enso’s consumer survey, participants in the UK, Germany and China where asked to list what they trust most: the brand, independent certifications, country of origin, locally sourced ingredients, expiration day, the presentation and feel of the packaged product or the retailer.

Top 3 in UK resulted in 1st the brand (manufacturer) 2st independent certifications and also locally sourced ingredients and 3rd expiration date.

In Germany on the other hand, locally sourced ingredients turned out to be the most important aspect, 2nd the brand and 3rd independent certifications.

The UK and China were similar in responding for top 1 and 2. A clear majority in China, 57%, thinks the brand is the most important parameter for food safety, whereas in the UK independent certifications appear on the 2nd place and the country of origin on the3rd place. It is thus worth remembering that consumers' perceptions differ.

The top 3 of the most distrusted parameters is pretty similar. The respondents in both UK and Germany have doubts about the presentation and feel of the packaged product the most. In China, the retailer is distrusted the most and the presentation ends up on the second place.

Senses are obviously essential in this process. The look and feel of the packaging is crucial when consumers choose their groceries. So, staying focused and determined, a lot of important work can be done when designing the food package. An easy and successful way to gain trust in the food industry.

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