Driving new standards

Published 13 September 2017
If it’s anything we have learned, it is that everything goes better and runs smoother when working together. Collaboration is definitely what is needed to be able to develop and drive new standards, and implement something on a bigger scale.

A retailer in Sweden put it like this: “We need to work together in the development of new packaging. Our producers need to see the benefit in other customers as well as other companies (competitors as well). We need one voice…”

So, we need to come together, learn from each other and thereby push innovation and the development of new technology as well as the packaging formats and implement it across brands and categories.

Suppliers have a role in making this happen, and not only converting and machinery suppliers but also material suppliers. Today’s liquid packaging concepts show evidence of successful cooperation across the value chain, where the performance from the material production to converting, filling, distribution, retail and even up to recycling has created a highly prolific and sustainable business. There is so much we could bring from that to other segments!

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