The environment is the future

Published 19 September 2017
Today we are looking into consumers’ attitudes to organic food, food safety, food waste and food packaging materials. What we instantly can see, is that packaging plays a big role in all this.

In the UK and Germany, the attitudes are pretty similar. Consumers are keen on reducing food waste and they see food waste as an environmental problem. However, the two countries differ so that in Germany consumers have more polarized views on the relation of packaging and food quality, while in the UK consumers tend to have more doubts about packaging materials affecting food.

In China, food safety is a huge concern for consumers is, they clearly insist safe packaging with no risk of contamination. In China, consumers also focus increasingly on sustainability and want to be able to buy organic food, packed in sustainable and safe materials.

This shows that the environmental awareness is increasing globally, and sustainably sourced, renewable and safe packaging materials are well positioned to meet consumers’ wishes and reduce their concerns.

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