New and advanced grade for Performa Brilliance

Published 18 December 2018
Stora Enso is introducing a new and advanced 395 g/m2 grade of Performa Brilliance by Stora Enso, enhanced with micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC), an advanced, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable fibre-based material that can be used in creating lighter, stronger and more sustainable material.
The new grade of Performa Brilliance by Stora Enso is designed for folding cartons for premium and luxury packaging, where higher strength is needed for improved usability, while meeting the end-users increasing demand for sustainable, renewable packaging material. 

“We are happy to introduce our first folding boxboard product with MFC in the middle layer of the board to offer a more advanced and stronger material. Our micro-fibrillated cellulose has proved to improve the properties of our renewable materials, and has also considerable potential to replace fossil-based materials in a variety of end-use segments”, says Eva Lundqvist, Product Manager, Consumer Board division.

Performa Brilliance features high brightness, excellent smoothness and a beautiful visual appearance. It is designed for folding cartons for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and luxury packaging, and it also works great in book covers, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags. Performa Brilliance offers the best whiteness in the folding boxboard market on both top and reverse side.

The complete Performa Brilliance grammage range will cover 180, 200, 215, 230, 245, 260, 280, 300, 320, 345, 370 and 395 g/m2 grades from January 2019 onwards.