Sustainability award for CKB Nude in China

Published 5 December 2018
CKB Nude by Stora Enso has been awarded with a prize at the annual China Packaging Innovation and Sustainability Forum.
Stora Enso took part in China Packaging Innovation and Sustainability Forum in Hangzhou in late October; an important meeting for brand owners and packaging and printing companies to share views of the current situation and explore trends in packaging industry. A highlight of the event was the “2018 Sustainable Packaging Award”, which was granted to our paperboard product CKB Nude™ by Stora Enso.

Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental protection, which drives responsible market players, especially brand owners, to focus on delivering green promises about emission reductions, energy saving etc. as key elements of sustainable development, to convince their customers or consumers throughout the value chain. Naturally also material providers must  be able to show their contribution to sustainable development to better support the brands' sustainability attributes.

With its natural appearance, CKB Nude stands out as an ideal solution to help brand owners enhance their brand image, while it is also food-safe and produced without any coating chemicals. Its exceptional stiffness and durability ensure great runnability and shelf presence. The natural shade of CKB Nude creates an organic appearance, which resonates well with consumers’ perception of sustainable development.