Packaging berries in Mexico

Published 28 February 2018
Telling the customer what Stora Enso can do is one thing, but it is only when you can show in reality what you can do that the customer really starts to believe you.
Stora Enso’s high-quality products and first-class professional services were a convincing combination for the Mexican company Licbox. By choosing Stora Enso, Licbox increased competitiveness, production speed, and their sustainability performance.

Licbox is a middle-sized family enterprise in Mexico, concentrating in packaging for greenhouse products, mainly berries, in the growing agricultural business. It is a fairly new company, having started its operations in 2016.

Fruit, vegetables and berries are sensitive products that essentially need strong and protective package. Direct food contact requires a package with high purity, to ensure that the contents stay good and fresh throughout the supply chain. Berries being also high-end products it is important that the package has good printability and is visually appealing. Stora Enso’s virgin fibre Avant products tick every box.

Services helping to win with the customer

Licbox agreed with Stora Enso to have technical customer service in their premises to audit their entire production, make joint process management instructions, and train the employees in how to run their equipment in the most competitive way including total output and printability. The results were very positive and not what Licbox had initially expected from Stora Enso.

By doing all this, Stora Enso has been able to help Licbox increase their competitiveness with a better product and increased know-how, improve material efficiency and sustainability performance with lighter containerboard, and achieve better overall cost efficiency with an impressive increase in production speed.

“Using Stora Enso’s high-quality products, and with our new processes and competences, we have been able to enhance our position as the high-quality supplier that we want to be perceived as in the Mexican market,” says Larissa Gonzalez Campos, Managing Director of Licbox.

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